Pre-Entry Service. [How to get House KEY]

Please use Pre-entry service.

AS ONE Style currently manages 15 guest houses in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba.

Because of the form of Guest House, there are places scattered, except for cleaning time,

the staff is not in guest house.

Since the arrival of customers will concentrate before and after the check-in operation start time,

We are offering you.


About pre-entry service

<Content> It is possible to receive the key and put the baggage in the guest house.

※ If cleaning is completed, you can start to using the guest house.

<Hour> Please come to the guesthouse at your preferred time after 1 pm.

※ If you wish to arrive before 1 pm please consult for Guest house Manager.

<How to receive keys>

(1) In case of cleaning, please accept the key from the cleaning staff.

(2) After completion of cleaning, we installed the key box on the entrance door.

Please accept the keys as follows.

※ Key box PIN number,

It is the last 4 digits of the customer’s phone number presented at the time of reservation.

<Contact after entering and adjustment of check-in time>

Please let us know by e-mail or phone that you received your key until you enter the room.

We will prioritize your schedule and we will adjust the check-in visit time.

* We will correspond in order from customers who entered. As there are traveling time etc.,

Please note that it may not be possible to receive check-in work immediately.


Alternatively, a message form on the reservation site

TEL: +81-467-87-6710 (AS ONE Style Division)

Or, +81-80-4867-7615 (AS ONE Style Manager Koichi Hiiro)






According to the Hotel Laws and the Kanagawa prefectural ordinance, it is obligatory to register the check-in of the accommodation ledger and the confirmation / preservation of the identification card by face to face.